Professional WordPress CMS Development & Services

Impere WordPress development is full-scale, ranging from frontend responsive theme design and development to backend plugin development and hybrid WordPress/Web Application conceptualization and development. Additionally, we offer a number of WordPress migration, maintenance, and consultative performance services. WordPress is our go-to CMS solution for web clients. We push WordPress to its absolute limits, and love every second of it.

Impere develops responsive WordPress themes fully optimized for today's desktop and mobile devices, with a focus on lightweight user interfaces brought alive by native browser animations. But our WordPress theme development goes far beyond aesthetics, with a strong emphasis on the code powering the WordPress theme — clean, lean, concise and built for speed. Learn More

WordPress is loaded with functionality, and has an industry-leading toolset of content management and production features built in out of the box. It also has an unrivaled and thriving third-party plugin community. However, keeping site performance and security forefront in mind, custom solutions are often required. We work strategically with our WordPress clients on conceptualization, strategy and development of custom WordPress plugins and functionality implementations, ranging from custom search solutions for enhanced content discovery on the frontend, to data exporting and even complete user interface overhauls on the backend. Learn More

Random server-side errors and timeouts, slow page loads, rogue plugins, broken search functionality or missing posts. These are all (somewhat) common WordPress performance issues, and they're also all things that we love to fix. Your WordPress powered website's performance issues can hurt your brand or company's online presence, and ultimately your bottom line. Whether you're experiencing minor performance hiccups or major disruptions, Impere can help. Learn More

Though WordPress is inherently user-friendly, there may be a bit of a learning curve for companies and employees who are new to the platform. If you're currently running another CMS solution and looking to migrate to WordPress, Impere offers a hassle-free, seamless transition to the WordPress platform from dozens of other open source and closed source CMS — your current content, userbase and any additional data can all come along for the ride. Optional phone or face-to-face video WordPress training is also available to ensure that your team is properly introduced to the platform. Learn More