WordPress Clean-Up, Performance Optimizations & Upgrades

The Blue Clean-Up Crew

Random server-side errors and timeouts, slow page loads, rogue plugins, broken search functionality or missing posts. These are all somewhat common WordPress performance issues, and they're also all things that we love to fix. Your WordPress powered website's performance issues can hurt your brand or company's online presence, and ultimately your bottom line. Whether you're experiencing minor performance hiccups or major disruptions, Impere can help.

Third Party WordPress Plugins Can Be Fantastic... or Disastrous

Companies running WordPress have access to thousands of powerful, feature-rich third-party plugins. As great as these third-party solutions can be, they are often difficult to install, configure, implement, maintain and upgrade. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the improper installation of a third-party WordPress plugin to bring an entire WordPress installation to a halt. Running third-party code on your WordPress website also can open up security vulnerabilities. These issues are more common in less popular or poorly-structured plugins, though they also pertain to even the most popular and reputable WordPress plugins. In addition to our custom WordPress plugin development, Impere works strategically with your company and the third-party plugin development company (when necessary) on implementation, integration, and maintenance of third-party WordPress code.

A quick overview of our WordPress free performance clean-up and optimization consultation —

  • theme code efficiency review
  • plugin efficiency and configuration review; plugin installation and upgrade recommendations
  • assessment of your entire WordPress site and its overall performance, with possible recommendations of theme or plugin changes, database optimizations, implementation of page cache modules, and more