Web Application Development & Solutions

Impere Web Application development encompasses an array of custom solutions, though most can be categorized as CRM applications or other variants of customer, user and sales data management, along with general data management, syncing, filtering and reporting. Integration with a client-held database or a third-party API is often required.

We've been fortunate to work with our clients on conception, strategy, development and deployment of various implementations of web applications, ranging from the automated syncing of retail sales data to Google Sheets, to customer sales lead data collection and management for promotional sales events.

In short, we love this type of development because each project and client usecase is different than the next, and we'd love to speak with you about a fulfilling a need or bringing an idea to life.

The Core Structure

Though each Web Application project is unique, coming with its own requirements, Impere web applications are all developed with a few simple core principles — the frontend user interfaces (UI) of our web applications are built using a responsive Bootstrap layout, ideal for easy data management and administration, ensuring rock solid cross-device and cross-platform compatibility. Custom implementations of native web browser animations help bring the UI to life, ultimately delivering a concise, logical, and smooth user experience (UX).

Apps that live in all browsers

Built to render, run, and perform on all modern desktop and mobile operating systems and devices, Impere web applications are both platform-agnostic and browser-agnostic and can be deployed on iOS, Android or Windows 10 tablets and phones, as well as traditional desktop PCs, with zero fragmentation or device or platform-specific variants of the application. To us, this is the essence of a true, modern "web application".

Not just room for, but encouragement of growth

All of our Web Applications are built with both short-term and long-term client company or brand growth in mind. Though today's web application may check all of the boxes and satisfy all of your company's needs, the application's functionality will most likely need to evolve as your company progresses and target goals change. We keep this forefront in mind, and structure the application so that future functionality extension feels like a natural progression, rather than a back-to-the-drawing-board nightmare.

Third-Party API Data Integrations

Most web applications will require some form of integration of existing data, whether it's local in-house client-controlled data or data from a third-party application, service or API. Impere has extensive experience working with popular third-party POS, CRM and Inventory Management vendors, applications and associated data.